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How Much Does Support Cost?

Consignment Anywhere Support
  • No Contracts — Our Support is month-to-month.  No quarterly or annual contracts which auto-renew and are a pain to cancel.
  • No ‘Call Your Tech’ Nonsense — The other consignment software vendors are very clear on their websites about what they don’t support.  For these issues, they tell you to “call your tech.”  None of that with us.  🙂
  • Predictable IT Costs — Instead of paying a consignment software vendor for limited support + a local tech for ongoing issues (which never seem to be resolved), you can know your IT costs will be the same throughout the year.

What Do You Support?

We support your entire consignment/resale operation’s technical infrastructure.  From consignment software to tag/receipt printers, or social media questions to Windows issues.

  • Consignment Software — Whether it’s Consignment Anywhere or one of our competitors, we support it.
  • Tag & Receipt Printers — None of this, “You didn’t buy it from us, tough!” crap.  If you’re on our Support Plan, we’ll support your printers, wherever they came from.
  • Computers — We specialize in properly configuring and maintaining computer systems for consignment stores.  From PCI Compliance, to staight-forward best practices @ GPO, system hardening, non-admin accounts, etc.

What's Different About Your Support?

In short, everythingThe Computer Peeps have been supporting and managing consignment store systems for 7+ years.  The other consignment software vendors regularly tell their customers to “Call a tech!“, which ends up being us.

Our customers enjoy talking to us too.  🙂  We constantly hear about how their vendor or local tech talked-down to them and made them feel bad.

Why Should I Utilize Your Support?

Well, *should* is a strong word, but to get right to it, we know we’re the best at supporting consignment store owners and properly configuring + maintaining their systems.

From the hundreds of local techs’ work we’ve had to fix, to the consignment software vendors overlooking things, there is simply no one that does what we do, as well as we do.