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Consignment Anywhere Point of Sale Scan Barcodes

Point of Sale

We focused on an intuitive, easy-to-understand design, so you and your employees (or volunteers) feel comfortable utilizing your consignment software systems.

Consignment Anywhere Add Inventory

Add Inventory

Adding inventory is one of the most frequent tasks you’ll perform in your consignment software.  We focused on a guided layout, which presents itself in a clear and intuitive manner.

Consignment Anywhere Reports Mailing Labels


We’ve made the reports in Consignment Anywhere focused and easy-to-use.  To this very day, one of the most common issues we hear from store owners, is “My consignment software vendor still hasn’t added X report!

Intuitive Workflow

Instead of guessing or being made to ‘figure things out’, Consignment Anywhere guides you through things with an intuitive and sensible workflow.

Consignment Anywhere Prevents Issues

Prevent Issues

One of our competitors’ software lets you print ‘999,999’ tags, which our clients frequently do by accident.  Why not just prevent issues like that?  It only took us a second to add such a helpful feature.

Consignment Anywhere Top Accounts

Stats At Your Fingertips

Consignment store owners want to see important data instantly, without having to pull a dozen reports.  This data needs to be instantly accessible, so you can make business decisions right away.