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Multi-Location Consignor Balances

Consignment Anywhere is the first and only consignment software that allows your consignors to utilize their store credit balance at any of your locations, without requiring an always-on Internet connection.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive User Interface

Not only does the Consignment Anywhere user interface look nice, it’s design is based on 13 years of direct experience supporting consignment stores on a daily basis.

Automatic Pricing Suggestions

Each of the consignment programs have tried to add suggested pricing features, some charging $1,000 or more for this feature.  We’ve built it right-in and have made it extremely easy to see the high/mid/low price + how long it takes to sell this item.

Built-in Gift Card Tracking

Gift cards are a great way to increase your consignment store’s revenue and keep shoppers coming back to your store.  Consignment Anywhere has a built-in gift card tracking system, which lets you utilize any form of gift card or gift certificate — e.g. paper gift certificates from an office supply store, plastic gift cards, etc.  For any Consignment Anywhere software purchase, we include 25 gift cards which can be swiped AND we include the card reader too!

Automatic Markdowns

You don’t have to manually markdown your inventory each day, like you do with other consignment programs.  Prices are automatically marked-down at point of sale, based on the days and percentages you’ve pre-defined

Terms Per-Category

Automatically assign unique splits, markdowns, fees, and expiration periods on a per-category basis.  Want jewelry to split @ 70/30 with no markdowns and an expiration period of 180 days, but clothing should be 50/50 with markdowns after 30/60/90 days?  Check with the *big* consignment software vendor — they don’t offer this.

'Do Not Take' List

We’re proud to be the only consignment software with a built-in Do Not Take list.  Add item Categories or Details to your Do Not Take list — e.g. Jeans, Juicy Couture, Size 7, etc. — and Consignment Anywhere automatically alerts your employees that these items currently aren’t being accepted.

Appointment Scheduler

A built-in Appointment Scheduler for consignments and pick-ups.  This is a feature you shouldn’t have to pay a premium subscription fee for.

Tiered Inventory Fees

Automatically add a fee to inventory, based on its price.  Fees can be assigned per-Category too, so your furniture can automatically receive a different fee than your jewelry.

Customer-Facing Display

We’re proud to be the only consignment software that offers an optional full-color, customer-facing display.

Assign Printers to Tasks

With Consignment Anywhere, you set which tags, labels, reports, and receipts go to which printer and that’s it — it remembers these preferences for you.  You’d think something so simple would’ve been added in the *big* consignment programs by now.

Reports, Reports, Reports!

What about reports!?  Reports are one of the most frequently discussed features of consignment software.  Can you believe that even the *big* consignment software vendors, didn’t let you report on items priced over or under certain amounts until recently?  It was added as a ‘feature’, which you then have to upgrade to receive.

Automatic Backups

Built-in to Consignment Anywhere is a redundant backup system.  We automatically backup your database multiple times per day — why wait until the end of the day, when you-know-what can hit the fan mid-day?