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Who Developed Consignment Anywhere?

Consignment Anywhere consignment software was developed and written by Dean Casey, Owner @ The Computer Peeps.  Dean started writing Consignment Anywhere by himself, from scratch, in November of 2015.

Dean has been in the consignment industry since 2003.  He started The Computer Peeps in 2010 and currently supports, monitors, and maintains over 400 consignment store systems across North America.

Day in and day out, Dean sees the issues store owners encounter with their consignment software.  He advocates for consignment store owners and has seen first-hand how the consignment software vendors ignore and disregard actual bugs, as well as improvements which would make their software better, thus, helping store owners.

Why Did You Write Consignment Anywhere?

First and foremost, none of the existing consignment programs addressed a major need — the ability to use consignor credit at multiple locations.  Neither of the *big two* consignment software vendors have addressed this need with their software.

One vendor launched a ‘cloud’ offering, which is simply Remote Desktop.  By that measure, any consignment software can be called ‘cloud-based’ if you utilize Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc.  Remote Desktop is not a solution and it pushes the burden off of the consignment software vendor and on to the consignment store owner.

Why move to the ‘cloud’ and run your consignment software on a public-facing Windows Server with Remote Desktop, just because you need your consignors to be able to utilize their store credit at each of your stores?