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Consignment Anywhere is fully integrated with the OpenEdge credit card processing platform, the longest-running credit card solution in the consignment industry.

We chose OpenEdge because we have 13+ years’ experience in the consignment industry and with the OpenEdge organization. You’ll find the other consignment software vendors have jumped from (‘partnered with’) one credit card processor to another, receiving kick-backs on each store they refer and having a financial benefit at stake. We have no affiliation with OpenEdge and we do not ‘partner’ with them to make a kick-back. This was a conscious decision. It’s simply the system we feel comfortable putting our name and reputation on and have no desire to “make a piece of the pie” by pushing store owners into something, just to benefit us. It’s not about making money; it’s about knowing which components help consignment store owners run their businesses better.

EMV/Chip Cards

By integrating with OpenEdge, EMV/chip cards are automatically supported. The Ingenico iSC250 chip reader + signature capture is not only an elegant looking solution for your point of sale counter, it ensures your store is capable of securely processing customers’ credit cards.

Signature Capture

It’s 2016 and customers are used to on-screen signature capture, so there’s no reason consignment and resale stores shouldn’t have this functionality today.  Consignment Anywhere harnesses the power of OpenEdge’s signature capture and stores the signature along with each of your sales.

PCI Compliance

This is something we take very seriously.  The Computer Peeps have been responsible for hundreds of stores’ compliance.  Not just filling out the paperwork, running quarterly scans, and answering 200+ question annual questionnaires, but actually being compliant.  Forget credit cards and compliance, there is a set of standards and best-practices than any decent system administrator or computer technician knows should be in-place.  Those are:

  • A properly configured firewall.
  • A clean, non-factory default installation of Windows.
  • Properly configured antivirus software.
  • Non-administrator accounts for day-to-day use.
  • No 3rd party software on the system unless it’s absolutely needed for business purposes.
  • Regular patching/updating of all software (every 24-48 hours or at the most, every week).
  • A hardened web browser to prevent Javascript, Flash, ads, XSS, redirects, etc.
  • A hardened OS utilizing Group Policy.
  • Employee training and awareness.

Now, PCI Compliance isn’t something you simply “do one thing” for and are all of a sudden compliant.  Using a specific credit card processor, doesn’t make you compliant.  There’s a big difference between an application that is compliant (PA-DSS) and a store’s environment in-which that system is utilized.

We’ve found the other consignment software vendors either don’t fully understand PCI Compliance, or are too afraid to be specific about what it takes to be compliant.  We’re fortunate to have 7+ years of system administration experience under our belt and we know what it takes to not only be compliant, but to have clean, secure systems that will keep your business data and customer data safe.